We Help Creators Transform Their Passion Into A Profitable Business

Being a successful YouTube creator involves much more than having an idea and posting some videos.

The YouTube platform has one simple goal: to provide content to viewers that they want to watch.

The longer viewers watch, the more money YouTube can make from advertising.

To match the right video to the right user, YouTube collects a tremendous amount of data, including number of views and watchtime.

Understand This!: YouTube's goal isn't to get views for your video. Their goal is to find videos that each viewer wants to watch.

In order to maximize your success as a YouTube creator, we must:

<aside> ūüí° To drive your success, we must constantly study an extensive collection of data points to guide you in continuously increasing your channel's view times and profitability.


We Help You Continuously Maximize Your Success And Profitability


Channel Management and Analysis

Creators like to believe that the fix for high bounce rates and low view times is to go out and get a better camera, nicer studio, better mics and a new gimbal.

We implement a data driven approach to increasing views and watch times.

Our analysis is detailed and ongoing so we can continually, repeatedly  tweak your videos and thumbnails to help you grow your success.


Financial Management and Tax Planning

You may think of your channel as a side-hustle or hobby.  The IRS considers it a business.

We help you implement simple record-keeping systems that will help you meet your legal responsibilities and minimize your taxes.

We also make sure that your business is structured to provide you maximum tax savings so you keep more of what you earn.  Our accountants have 35+ years working with artists and creators.


Channel Promotion

We take a 'try anything and everything' approach to helping you promote your channel.

We take a data driven approach to channel promotion to be sure we are spending maximum effort on the things that produce results and don't waste time or money on what doesn't work.


Channel Monetization

We believe wholeheartedly in Warren Buffet's advice that the path to financial success is multiple streams of income.  Being accepted into the YouTube Partner program is just one piece of a successful monetization strategy. We search for any way for you to further monetize your channel.


Video Editing

A secret to success in any business endeavor is to focus your time and money on activities that provide the highest payout. Where it makes financial sense, we can provide editing services so that we can focus more of your time on creating the content that will drive your success.


Become a Creator

If you are ready to be a creator, we are ready to help you get started.  From focusing in on a theme for your channel to helping you make a plan for success, we are willing to help you get your channel started ASAP.